The fact of the matter is that Ashley Madison filled a need that many married and single people have and was perhaps unfairly targeted and breached, despite the fact that the company never broke any laws. But that market exists and men and women are always going to crave sexual enticement, whether because of bad marriages, open marriages, swinging relationships, and the list goes on and on. What’s really unfortunate is how terribly Ashley Madison customers suffered-and many of them didn’t even get a date out of the online experience! But there is always an alternative for married…but looking enthusiasts, and that option has been around even longer than the Internet. Hiring an escort is the smart and more efficient option to online dating. It’s always “guaranteed” (provided you know how to treat an escort with class) and it simply comes with at least four better advantages.
1. Hiring an escort is more discreet than Ashley Madison.
There is always a risk of a breach when you’re dealing with an online company, and not only because of hacking, but also because of human or computer error. This type of database breach can occur whenever names are internationally compiled and contains real information of individuals, such as their legal names, emails, mailing addresses, age, and so on. Ashley Madison, whether blackmailed or not, really took a hit since they were the ones boasting that they were “the world's leading married dating service for discreet encounters.”  Yet they couldn’t keep the secret inside their pants, could they? The truth is, if you book an escort everything is much more easy and safer because this information is never stored in an international database open to hacking threats-just the escort’s own filing system. Many escorts also accept “pen names” and deal in cash, thereby eliminating the threat of accessing database information. You don’t have to be a “member” on an escort’s website just to enjoy her companionship. You only call to make an appointment and arrange for services, location, type, and so on.
2. You don’t pay for membership with an escort—you pay for time.
One of the biggest problems with Ashley Madison and other dating sites is that they never guaranteed you would get laid or even get a date.  Sometimes they ran a special indicating such, but the evidence shows that many female “members” were actually computer-generated robots, designed to inflate the numbers for publicity purposes. When you arrange for a date with an escort you are not fishing around looking for someone ''real''. The escort is real and you pay for the time you enjoy in her company.  
It’s a much simpler system and one that gives you what you ordered right away!
3. Booking an Escort Girl means you are going to meet a real person!
Many people on online dating sites are fake but when you visit an escort’s website, you can see 100% hard evidence that she is real. Quality escort girls invest time and effort in their web design and will:
Talk to you on the phone
Make you feel comfortable
Publish videos or photos showing who they are
Send references on request
Unfortunately for Ashley Madison, most women listed in the database never even used the site. Thousands of these users were revealed to be fake, and some estimates have listed as many as 90% of female users had fake profiles. Strange but true-A male registered member on Ashley Madison might well be having an online affair with another man posing as a woman!  That’s probably NOT what you want…
4. Escort-girls Aren’t Picky! 
You will find that escort-girls are not judgmental, nor do they have biases against any “type” of man, so as long as he is safe, responsible and respectful of her time. Some “real” women you will find online are finicky, racist, hard to please, and generally unpleasant to any man who isn’t a billionaire celebrity. Why not date a companion who has experience in being a good girlfriend, in making conversation, and schooled in the art of love? You want a companion that makes you feel at ease with the experience, rather than constantly stressed.
Escort-girls are the conservative choice and the only way to get a happy ending with maximum security in mind!
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